Speak with a personal shopper about your vision of the big day

In some sense, you can’t afford not to consult a professional. Speak with a personal shopper about your vision of the big day and about your wedding budget. It’s her job to help you bring your dreams to fruition without sending you to the poor house.

cake decorations supplier All this is bidah (innovation) brought into Islam by the ignorant people. May Allah grant us all hidayah. Ameen. The theme is “A Red, White and Blue Christmas,” focusing, of course, on patriotism. The First Lady was very sweet on camera (as usual) and emphasized that the family is looking to buy a new home in Dallas, so they won be spending too much on embellishments this time around. Instead, they be recycling some old favorites and going green by using LED friendly lights.. cake decorations supplier

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bakeware factory We wish Daragh Kelly all the best as he sets off to take part in the Marathon des Sables (described as the world’s toughest foot race) in the Sahara Desert over Easter. Best wishes for a long and happy life together to Paul and Emma Sweeney, who celebrated their marriage last week. Congratulations to Nicola Cunningham and David O’Gara on the birth of their baby daughter Abbie, a lovely grand daughter for Joe and Claire and cousin for Ethan. bakeware factory

baking tools Almost every year since I moved to Austin in 1984, I’ve set up an ofrenda. Traveling back to Mexico City and Oaxaca over the years, I have amassed a collection of figurines, papel picado, and other folk art related to the festivities. Thanks to my husband Will Lar art background, we were invited to present an altar at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center exhibit in San Antonio in 2004 cake decorations supplier, and last year we displayed one at the Mexic Arte Museum in honor of Lady Bird Johnson. baking tools

fondant tools 443 Draycott St. Vickie Ayers, a long time fundraiser for Variety, offers a family friendly haunted house that’s suitable for younger kids. Last year, her house raised more than $7,000 for kids with special needs, and she aims to top that number this year. fondant tools

kitchenware Want to create superb Halloween party on a budget? Follow these low cost decorating tips to create a howling good party! Creating a frightfully fun scene for a Halloween party doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Just use a few (or all) of these tips to create party decorations that won’t scare your budget! Haunting Hands These scary hands are a breeze to make! Simply stuff a pair of rubber gloves with tissue paper, newspaper or cotton batting, and then use your imagination to decorate them: spray paint, gauze wrap, fake fingernails, rings, a watch, fake insects, or red “blood” paint. Jack O’ Lantern Garland Draw jack o’ lantern outlines on orange paper, making sure to draw long stems on top kitchenware.

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